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Who We Are

Based out of Denver, Colorado our goal is to provide unique merchandise that will set your brand apart from the rest. Specializing in laser-burned wood engravings, our style stands out among the usual vinyl and fabric medium. We’re not your average, “send us your logo and we’ll get printing” kind of site. In fact, we love to get creative and come up with new designs that will make your aesthetic pop. We love music above all else, and enjoy helping artists come up with merchandise that is sure to sell. So ask us if you want our creative team to add some extra flare to your design and let’s make this more of a collaboration than a transaction.

Our Story

It all started with a love for live music and a strong, established foothold in the music industry. Founded in 2016, our sister company Custom Litt took off, customizing LED displays for DJs and musicians. From working hand-in-hand with artists, we realized there was a demand for high quality laser-burned merchandise, growing our focus onto sustainable products that all fans could get their hands on. A workshop of new machinery and an expanded graphic design team later, we started supplying some of our partners with our first round of unique merchandise: specifically engraved grinders. After receiving great feedback from some of our favorite acts, we decided to take the concept to the next level and now offer a variety of customizable products to a wider market. So here we are.

Client’s Testimonials

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John Migra Manager

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Lisa Morgan Director

Why Choose us?

Quick Turnaround

At Engraved Merch, our goal is to deliver engraved merch laser fast to meet every last-minute need.

Payment Security

We know online transactions can make everyone a little nervous, but our processing platform is as secure as they come.

Custom Designs

Our design team is dedicated to making sure your brand comes to life. We’re here to enhance your logo with custom background graphics.

Affordable Pricing

Our competitive pricing also allows you to resell to your fans for a nice profit,or even creates the possibility for some special giveaways.